Here's what we've been working on in 2017 and early 2018:

  • Increasing opportunities for girls in sport. We recently launched The Girls Soccer Club of New York, which seeks to provide top-notch soccer instruction and small-sided leagues to girls within the five boroughs. This is a first for New York City. Most importantly (we think): We'll be providing free after-school soccer classes to girls living in homeless shelters (by Fall 2018), and we'll be covering the cost of league fees for girls living below the poverty line who play in our U-10 league (by Fall 2018).
  • School construction in Ecuador. Following our successful project at constructing, staffing and supplying a school in a remote rainforest village (Wishi) in Ecuador, we're in the planning phases of a similar project in a neighboring village. [See Wishi.Org for more info.]
  • Expanding to other cities. We've expanded our Vancouver (Canada), where we're working with Pathways to Education to help youth in Canada's poorest postal code to complete high school.
  • Please see our News page for the latest information on the progress we're making! 
Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about any of these projects. We accept donations and are always looking for volunteers for each of our projects.