What We Do

Between 2010 and early 2018, we ran adult co-ed soccer programs as a principal means of raising funds to support under-served children's sport and education programming.

We used these funds to run our own programs for children-in-need, in the same communities where we operated our pay-to-play adult programming.

We also provided -- and continue to provide -- critical funding to other organizations, such as the Wishi Project, which builds schools and playing fields in remote regions of Ecuador. See Partners for more info.

Starting in February 2018, we shifted focus from raising funds by running our own adult soccer programs to working with established soccer organizations wishing to donate to our youth programs. Thus, we can concentrate on what we feel we do best: helping under-served youth achieve in sport and school. 

Our Mission

To provide under-served children with educational and sporting resources that help them gain the support they need to complete secondary school.

Achievements & accolades

  • 2015-present: To date, we've donated over $50,000 of Nike running shoes and apparel to NYC's under-served high school track & field teams, and to WIN (Women-In-Need, NY).
  • 2013-present: We've helped build, staff and supply a school (including an all-season soccer pitch) in a remote, rainforest village of Ecuador. We're working on a second, similar project in 2018.
  • 2011-2016: We ran an award-winning after-school sports league for NYC's under-funded schools, serving a school population of over 40,000. In 2017, we decided to switch focus: to concentrate on increasing girls participation in sport with our Girls Soccer Club of New York.
  • 2013: Recipient of Major League Soccer's Community MVP Award for New York State.
  • 2012: Recipient of New York 1 News Award, New Yorker of the Week. (Click on above link for NY1's coverage of our youth programming.)